Can You Give Me a Sentence with Agreement

When it comes to crafting grammatically correct sentences, agreement between subjects and verbs is crucial. Here`s an example sentence that demonstrates proper agreement:

The team of researchers is conducting a study on the effects of exercise on mental health.

In this sentence, «team» is the singular subject and therefore requires the singular verb «is.» Without proper agreement, the sentence would be grammatically incorrect and potentially confusing.

In addition to subject-verb agreement, there are other types of agreement in English grammar, such as pronoun-antecedent agreement and adjective-noun agreement. These principles ensure that all parts of a sentence work together cohesively and effectively communicate the intended message.

As a copy editor, it`s important to have a keen eye for agreement and other grammar rules to produce high-quality written content that is both clear and professional. Ensuring proper usage of agreement in sentences is just one of the many important aspects of copy editing.

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